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Social Services

School Social Worker


School Social Workers are employed by the school district to enhance student learning by providing services which strengthen home-school-community partnerships.  They use their training and professional knowledge to address barriers within the child, home, school, and community that may be interfering with student achievement.  School Social Workers are able to assist students and their families through early identification, prevention, intervention, counseling, support, and advocacy.


The School Social Worker for the Warren School District is:

Charla Morgan-Ayala, WSD Social Worker

408 Cherry St. Warren, AR 71671

Office Phone: (870)226-8500-229

Cell Phone: (870)820-1309



What Services do School Social Workers Provide?


Helping Students to: Supporting parents to:

*Cope in times of crisis *Actively participate in their child’s education

*Maintain regular school attendance *Access school and community resources

*Become resilient, successful learners *Ensure regular school attendance

*Gain personal and social competencies *Strengthen parenting skills


Linking schools and resources Assisting school staff to:

*Coordinate education & community *Work effectively with parents

 resource services *Understand family, cultural, and community

*Develop resources to adequately  factors affecting students’ educational

 meet the needs of the students and  progress and success



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